Our Advanced Care Team

Your Partners in Wellness

Our Team

Every member of our staff sees it as an honor to be your healthcare provider. We believe every patient should be treated with respect and kindness, and strive to make every visit as pleasant as possible…even on those occasions when you need to come see us because you aren’t feeling your best.

Our Approach

Staying up to date on the latest research and innovations.

Continually working to improve our practices.

Thorough evaluation without unnecessary intervention.

And, most importantly, listening to our patients so that we can best understand and address their concerns and conditions.

Joseph Farmer, PA-C

Mr. Farmer received his undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and his Masters from the East Carolina University Physician Assistant Program. He specializes in family medicine and has over 10 years of experience.

Amber Lawrence, FNP-C

Mrs. Lawrence received her Bachelor in Nursing from Pittsburgh State University and her Master in Science from Frontier Nursing University Family Nurse Practitioner Program. She worked as a registered nurse for 15 years before becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner.

J. Seaborn Blair III, MD

Dr. J. Seaborn Blair III serves as the Medical Director for Mill Creek Family Practice. He received his medical degree from East Carolina University where he continues to serve as an active teacher to resident and medical students. Dr. Blair is a fourth generation family physician.

Our Advanced Care Team

We strive to provide our patients with high-quality, coordinated care specific to their own individual needs and circumstances. In doing so, Mill Creek Family Practice utilizes an Advanced Care Team model. Advanced Care team members support the Primary Care Provider in efforts to deliver effective patient centered care.

Care team members include:

Alison, CMA & Health Coach and Rebecca, CMA & Health Coach

Alison and Rebecca help our patients gain the knowledge, skills, tools, and confidence to become active participants in their care so that they can reach their self-identified health goals.

Sonja, EMT & Care Coordinator and Misitta, CMA & Care Coordinator

Sonja & Misitta assist our patients with complicated health and/or medical situations in identifying their goals, needs, and resources, and a plan to meet those goals in the most effective way possible.

Savanna, Front Desk & Care Coordinator

In addition to supporting the overall care coordination of patients, Savanna undertakes the role of front desk administrator, including telephone, and requests for urgent or same-day appointments. She also supports providers in patients’ care.

Mary, Practice Manager

Mary is involved in the day-to-day administrative tasks in the office. She provides the Advanced Care Team Members an opportunity to do their job effectively and ensures that patients have the best experience possible.

A Patient Centered Medical Home

Mill Creek Family Practice proudly serves as a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) certified through the National Committee on Quality Assurance.


What does this mean for our patients?

A PCMH is a place where you:

  1. Are respected as an individual
  2.  Set health goals
  3.  Get questions answered
  4. Choose your provider
  5. Get explanations of disease process, medications, and treatment
  6. Have the help of a Care Coordinator ensure your care needs are met
  7. Can have Specialist referrals arranged
  8. Have access to your provider 24 hours a day


We ask that you:

  1. Share your medical history and medication information accurately
  2. Tell us about other providers of your medical care
  3. Respect us as partners in your care
  4. Understand your treatment goals before leaving your visit
  5. Provide us with feedback
  6. Learn what your insurance covers
  7. Pay your share of the office visit at the time of service